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Mainly engaged in organic chemical solvents A comprehensive company that integrates trade, warehousing, and logistics
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Shandong Baifu Chemical has a continuously developing business model, continuously improving and enhancing customer business. We export basic chemical solvents to countries such as South Africa, the United States, Europe, Singapore, South Korea, Bangladesh, and India.

As the company continues to grow, its goal is to become a leader in professional chemical raw material supply. We strive to establish seamless links with customers, and we can efficiently promote the development of their business. We promise to provide high-quality prices and technical services, striving to become the most reliable partner for our customers.

In the coming years, Shandong Baifu Chemical will continue to grow in the field of basic chemical solvents and focus on our goals and responsibilities.

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Common products Alkanes alcohols Acidic lipids Phenols, ethers, and olefins Other commonly used solvents Plasticizer Environmentally friendly solvents
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